Music:Bing Satellites

Bing Satellites

My main and rather prolific ambient music project.

I'm being working under the name Bing Satellites since 2006 when I released some ambient DJ mixes and started a show for the now defunct Rebel Radio.

I released my first album Summer Night in March 2008. Since then I have released over 60 albums and EPs under this name, including several volumes of live improvised ambient music entitled Twilight Sessions. Much of my music has been self released but you'll also find some released by Laverna, Free Floating and Treetrunk Records.

I am very proud to say that a track of mine was included in the Pete Namlook tribute Die Welt ist Klang. My music has also been used in TV, radio and films, including the music documentary Riot On The Dancefloor and the multi award winning coming of age horror movie Found.

There is much more music to come. There are more concerts in the pipeline too.

If you are interested in using my music for a project or want to get in touch for another reason, feel free to contact me.

Music:Daniel Land

Daniel Land

Writing and touring with Daniel and his new band.

Photo, left to right: Brin Coleman: Keyboards, Backing vocals; Rob Sykes: Bass; Daniel Land: Vocals, Guitar; Gary Bruce: Guitar; Adam Gummer: Drums

I've worked with Daniel Land for many years now. I played on a couple of tracks by Daniel Land & The Modern Painters, played alongside Daniel in the live version of his riverrun project and we made the King Midas In Reverse album together.

Now I am part of Daniel's live band alongside Gary Bruce (Swoone), Rob Sykes and Adam Gummer.

We've played a few gigs to much acclaim. Daniel's wonderful new album In Love With A Ghost (on which I played quite a lot) is out now (listen above), while another album is already in the works.

Music:The Lovely Moon

The Lovely Moon

Peaceful ambient music perfect for relaxation

Since 2010, I have been creating a specific type of ambient music. It is positive and peaceful.

The music is completely generative: each note you hear is played in a loop. The length of each loop is slightly different for each note. This means the melodies and harmonies interact in ways that would happen if the music was just composed and played traditionally.

Music:The Ambient Visitor

The Ambient Visitor

Deep and mysterious longform ambient music.

Like the music of The Lovely Moon, this is also generative, using a similar process. The finished result is something quite different, however.

This music is slow and drifting. It varies little but never quite repeats itself.

Initially, I tried to remain anonymous as The Ambient Visitor to let the music stand on its own merits, but it wasn't long until someone worked out it was me!



Harder electronic music

Blocker is my outlet for the more aggressive side of my music.

This is loud, hard and generally fast.

There have been two EPs so far but there will be more in the future.

TV & Radio Production:Moon & Bacon Productions

Moon and Bacon Productions

My own TV and radio production company.

I'm currently studying a degree Creative Media and Visual Communication at The Manchester College and Manchester Metropolitan University. This production company grew out the pieces I am producing for that course and the longing to continue this work once I graduate.

Above is an example of recent work: a look at the unique and remote city of Boise, Idaho and why people like being there.

My initial interest was radio but the TV side has really sparked my imagination. I've produced several pieces of audio and video including the Whale Watching correspondence piece and Feedback: The Guitar Pedal Maker, a shortform documentary about a who makes guitar pedals.

My interest is in people and their stories, as well as pieces that are visually interesting.

Music:Ghost Harmonics

Ghost Harmonics

My latest musical incarnation is probably my most ambient.

The music was borne out of the need to, what I suppose other people call, meditate: to relax, to let all my worries drift away. It also came from the idea of exploring sounds: being given very little, more details become apparent.

Minimalist drones of usually one note and various harmonics and subtle variations in sound.

Music to lose yourself in.

Academic Work:Broadcast Production

The Legacy of The Goon Show

TV and radio production.

I am currently studying a foundation degree in Broadcast Production at The Manchester College. In it, I am learning the skills needed to work in radio and television.

My output have so far included various radio pieces, such as the music documentary A Brief History of Ambient, short television documentary films (made up the Moon & Bacon banner) and an online essay on The Legacy of The Goon Show.

Music Label:BFW recordings netlabel

BFW recordings netlabel

Independent internet music label

I set up BFW recordings in 2009, initially to release my own music.

I had friends who made great music of there own that deserved to be shared so I offered to release that through the label.

Since then, we have released over 200 albums and EPs, a wide selection of music from around the world, all for free.

In that time, we've released five Christmas albums, as well as ten volumes of Album In A Day. Each volume is completely written and recorded by musicians around the world in one day.

Music Podcast:Mostly Ambient

Mostly Ambient

A podcast of ambient and experimental music.

There is a wealth of wonderful, original and imaginative music that is ignored by radio, many other podcasts and the media in general. The music industry label model is dying. Most music is now released independently. Much is now self-released.

I scour the internet to find the best ambient, electronic and experimental music from around the world and share it with you.

There are also occasional sessions recorded especially for the show.