Director | Filmmaker | Film Score Composer

Brin Coleman - Director | Filmmaker | Film Score Composer
Brin Coleman filming on location in Liverpool, 2018.

You've probably found your way here because you enjoyed one of my films or some of my insanely vast music catalogue.

If you are here because you would like to work with me or have a project proposal, please get in touch.

So why should you work with me?
I am passionate about what I do. I'm a perfectionist - I like to get things right and will make the effort to get there. I want to make your project the best it can be.


Showreel shoot for make up artist Jen Eachus

I have been studying Broadcast Production at Manchester Metropolitan University and UCEN for the past four years. This year, I will graduate with a BA (Hons) in Creative media and Visual Communication.

Over this time, I have developed a range filmmaking skills and worked with a variety of clients including The Playhouse Project, Second City Coffee, The Manchester Shoe Shine Company, ALL FM, Refugee Aid Chorlton, musicians Mathieu Lamontagne and Daniel Land and make up artist Jen Eachus.

I try to capture what is unique about each client and create a film that is engaging and informative.

You can find out more and see example of my work on my Film page.


My music falls largely into the atmospheric and ambient genre with heavy use of quiet piano and electronic soundscapes.

Music promo: Bing Satellites - Return To The Castle In The Sky

Since 2007, I have released music under the name Bing Satellites but I also release a variety of music under the monikers The Lovely Moon, Blocker and The Ambient Visitor.

I collaborate often with celebrated musician Daniel Land. I have contributed to most of his albums, play in his live band and have been part of his landscape ambient project riverrun.

My music has featured in computer games, yoga videos and travel films, Canadian investigation newsmagazine show 16×9, Scott Schirmer's multi-award winning coming-of-age horror movie Found and Steve Tozzi's wonderful music documentary Riot on the Dance Floor

You can find out more and listen to examples of my work on my Music page.

Film Clients

I have produced films and worked with the following clients:

Music Clients

My music has been used in the following films and TV programmes:

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