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About Brin

Brin Coleman - Director | Filmmaker | Film Score Composer
Brin Coleman, Idaho, 2018.
Photo: Alex Brinkley Coleman.

A little history. It's been a long road to here.

I have always been a creative person. I have played and experimented with music since my teens. Being in bands, though, was deeply unsatifying and in my early twenties I gave it up. It was only when electronics made it possible to do this solo that I started again. I experimented but didn't get very far. I was trying to copy musicians I admired. It was only after sage advice from my brother that I should do my own thing that it all started to work.

Once I found looping and improvised music and accepted that I had to make variations of ambient music, there was no stopping me.

I don't want to play in a band - it holds no interest to me. However, when Daniel Land asked me to join his band, I jumped at the chance. I found someone else with the same work ethic and attention to detail as me and his band are a bunch of seasoned musicians who care about the music. It really is a joy!


I have always been interested in radio - far more than television, really.

I used to pretend to be a radio DJ and me and a friend would make top 10 shows with the eclectic collections of 7 inch vinyl we had.

I started an eclectic music podcast on the now defunkt online radio station Rebel Radio in 2007. It moved to Radio Electro Music and then to Manchester community radio station ALL FM.

Brin Coleman - Director | Filmmaker | Film Score Composer
Brin Coleman filming on location in Liverpool, February 2018.
Photo: Fiona Wise.


Radio training at ALL FM led to me going back to college to study Radio Production. This turned into TV and Radio Production at The Manchester College (now UCEN) and MMU, which sparked a love of video production in me. I also studied at Key 103 in Manchester and Radio City in Liverpool and reported for BBC Radio Manchester.

My degree led me to also start working as a supporting artiste. It is a fascinating and rewarding experience to wrok on such a variety of productions. Unfortuately, due to the secrecy of this work until it is released, I can only tell you that I played a teacher on the CBBC comedy show Class Dismissed.

During this time, I also became the first Student Union President of The Manchester College.

I graduated with First Class Honours in a BA (Hons) in Creative Media and Visual Communication.

I am now a freelance filmmaker, musician and supporting artist.