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Across a Sea of Dreams 3 March 2018

New music alert!

My latest album, Across a Sea of Dreams, is out now on download and limited edition numbered CD digipack.

Bing Satellites - Across a Sea of Dreams
Making the CD digipack

The album is the full recording of a live improvised session I performed and broadcast on YouTube. It was among the first music I have had time to recird in several weeks.

It was a production few days with many recording sessions.

Being a truly independent musician means I performed, record and produce all the music I make. It also means I design and make all the covers - printing, glueing, construction, everything! For someone like me, it is perfect: I can make as many CDs as I need, when I need them, I can make covers that fit my needs.

Years ago, I would have had to rely on signing to a record label. No chance! This would just be a hobby. Now, I can put my own music out and I am in charge of every step. I have no one telling me I can or can't do something. Total artistic freedom.

It's a great time to be an independent musician!

Across a Sea of Dreams is available on limited edition numbered CD and download from

Further Adventures in Timelapse 1 March 2018

Today, in sub-tropical Manchester, we have snow, sub zero temperatures and very strong winds (a storm dubbed The Beast from the East).

A couple of days ago, we had beautiful wintry blue skies. I managed to capture a timelapse of the sunset.

To be honest, I wasn't that happy with it (the perfectionist in me) but everyone else seems to like it. A couple of days have passed and I feel happier with it. I learned from it too.

For this timelapse, I let the camera (Lumix GH4) choose the shutter speed. This meant the light levels stayed relatively even. The camera captures 16MP images which are bigger than 4K video. This means I can give the illusion of the camera panning or zooming in or out. If I render in normal HD, there is a lot of scope for movement or even the chance to get two timelapse films from the same shoot!

There are two jumps in the film, one when I had to take of the ND filter (the camera's sunglasses) as it got too dark and another when the 64GB memory card filled up! I need to try a 128GB card and I need to experiment with different settings to see if there is one that will work from sunlight to nighttime.

I have a big trip coming up with the possibility of timelapses being captured. I need to get more practice in. I also need to practice with my other camera, a Nikon D3100, as I plan to use both.

Expect more of this sort of thing soon!

Further Adventures in Social Media

I have finally succumbed to joining Instagram. I have no idea what I'm doing on there yet but judging by the number of followers I have already, most of my friends are on there! Find out if and how I have utilised this exciting new tool in my life at