Negotiated Specialist ProjectConclusion

For this assignment, I have worked as a freelance filmmaker, essentially a producer/director of an independent film company.

Rather than work on one film project, I have produced four films for three clients, in an attempt to make this work as close to working as a freelance filmmaker as possible. I have pitched ideas, worked with clients, organised crews, filming schedules, equipment and shot lists. I have filmed and edited footage to professional standards.

I produced a high quality and artistic commercial for Second City Coffee that will help to promote their business. The music promo I produced for Arbee which pushed by skills and filming and editing techniques and presented Arbee's music in an interesting and engaging way. I produced two films in collaboration with community radio station ALL FM which show the unique qualities of the station and will help the station raise funds to keep broadcasting.

All the clients I have worked with are happy with what I produced for them. This, in turn, has added to an online portfolio of work and a public face for my freelance work.

The skills, knowledge and experience I have gained over this assignment have been invaluable to my goal of being a freelance filmmaker.