Ambient Musician and Composer

Bing Satellites live in concert

I have been making music since I was a teenager, from the beginning, experimenting with sounds, tapes and electronics. However, it wasn't until 2007 that I really discovered my voice and a way of improvising and recording music on that was all my own.

As much of my music is improvised, I am able to produce a lot of material in a short space of time. I am, therefore, a prolific musician with well over 100 releases.

Since 2007, I have released music under the name Bing Satellites but I also release a variety of music under the monikers The Lovely Moon, Blocker and The Ambient Visitor.

I collaborate often with celebrated musician Daniel Land. I have contributed to most of his albums, play in his live band and have been part of his landscape ambient project riverrun.

Music Projects

I make music under a number of different guises. This number of dofferent projects may be confusing but it allows me the freedom to experiment and create and release as much music as I like.

Bing Satellites

My main and original project.

I have released a range of music - mostly ambient with hints of shoegaze and other flavours thrown in for good measure.

A great deal of this music is improvised and recorded live, meaning I can produce a lot of music very quickly.

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The Lovely Moon

Peaceful and uplifting ambient music.

One of my generative music projects. The music is created by layers of different lengths which drift over each other and interact creating new motifs and atmospheres.

The original plan was make a selection of music for relaxation.

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The Ambient Visitor

New age ambient music.

Each album is one continuous generative soundscape.

The music is generative:
Each note plays in a loop.
The length of each loop is slightly different so the music layers and phases and never quite repeats itself.

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Kowalski Room

An experimental ambient project using a technique similar to the phasing tape loops of Steve Reich.

The music is created from short snippets of found sounds and field recordings. I layer these to create cinematice and atmospheric soundscapes.

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Ghost Harmonics

Somehow minimal and epic.
Slow drones focusing on just one note and its usually hidden harmonics.

This project of one note wonders came out of exploration of increasingly minimal music. Just how little do you need to make music. Playing just one note forces the listener to really listen and details that would normally be lost in layers of melody are suddenly more present.

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Theta Wave Orchestra

Ambient space music.

Peaceful nighttime ambient music created from layers of atmospheric electronics.

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Infinity Wave

Experimental ambient noise art.

Using very fast industrial and electronic sounds to create dark ambient drones.

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My harder beat-driven electronic music project.

Just occassionally I create music that has actually drums in it and isn't so floaty.

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Ethereal Ephemera

Delicate and other-worldly. Slow and soothing ambient music for quiet spaces.

This music is an offshoot from the Bing Satellites project and is largely improvised and recorded live using virtual tape loops and a variety of sound sources.

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The ambient drones of Bill Baxter

And finally...

Proof that it is impossible to keep a secret! A prolific deeply ambient longform drone project.

This is urban ambient - gritty and loud ambient music inspired by city life.

This is music to block out the world!

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Music Clients

My music has been used in the following films and TV programmes: