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How Have Advances in Filming and Audio Technology Changed the Way That News Is Reported?

In this essay, I will be looking at how factual television, in particular news reporting, has changed in recent years as the technology used to record such reports has advanced. I will look at how news sources have changed and whether traditional news broadcasters are the main source of news. I will research whether these advances made news reporting easier less expensive and faster and what effect this has had on the media delivered to the viewer.

From news reels to citizen journalism and social media, the way that people view news and the way it is delivered has changed drastically in just a few years.

I will produce an essay detailing my research as well as short videos recorded and edited using equipment that can easily be carried by one person. I will look at mobile phone apps and how they can be used to produce a news story.

Filming in Boise, Idaho, October 2017

I intend to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of these changes in technology and what affect this has has on the general public.

In 2010, the Arab Spring, and in the following year, the Occupy movement, both grew out of the use of mobile phones and social media to share information and to organise groups in ways never seen before. While these types of movements are nothing new, they way they were mobilised and organised certainly was. They showed that news reporting was no longer just in the hands of traditional journalists: now anyone with a mobile phone is a potential journalist. How has this impacted the way that news is reported and how have traditional news gathering organisations adapted to the changes in technology and how it is being used?

Are traditional news organisations under threat?
Are journalists now obsolete?

My research will include the video short described above and investigations into other ways of producing content. I will also review books, journals and online resources as part of my research, as well as talking to industry professionals to collect their experiences and opinions of the changes in technology, how they are used in the field, how they have changed how they work and what they deliver.