Professional PracticeJen Eachus make up artist showreel

Brief: Film and edit a short stylised piece to be used as part of a showreel.


The finished film: Jen Eachus, Makeup Artist

Jen Eachus is a make up student, studying her third year of a BA at The Manchester College. As part of her showreel, which will showcase her talents to clients and the wider world, she requires a short piece of film.

Jen’s dramatic make up requires an equally dramatic film to showcase it. To show what kind of style she wanted, Jen shared a video made by Ruth Hogben to promote Gareth Pugh for M.A.C (Hogben, 2011) and one of Fábio Magalhães graphic hyperreal paintings.

Gareth Pugh for M.A.C
Inspiration for this shoot.

These images are dramatic and startling. Jen Eachus wanted something eye-catching with fluid motion, interesting use of light on layers of materials. There would be a gothic feel with high contrast. While not directly copying these pieces, the film will draw influence from them.

The shoot will require slow motion. My own camera can film at 96 fps but I felt this was not enough. I will therefore use the Sony FS7 which will film at 180fps and film in the fashion studio at Fielden. The camera is the best available to me. This studio is the only space big enough to accommodate the fluid movement, the large backdrop and the lights needed for this shoot.

Fábio Magalhães graphic hyperreal paintings
Inspiration for this shoot.

Due to the high frame rate, we will shoot using as much light as possible, lighting the background even and bright. The subject of each scene will stand in stark contrast to the light background.

On this shoot, I will be accompanied by Dave Speers and Nozibele Manyana to help set up the lighting and film this session. Jen Eachus will be joined by two models and an assistant. We will film solo and double scenes with each model with a variety of materials. We will take a range of shoots to be edited together.

Filming in the studio
Filming in the studio.

I will edit the film. The edit will be precise and follow the music I choose to use on the film.

I will put my edited version online. Jen Eachus will use it as part of her make up showreel. We have agreed the film will be ready by Friday 2nd December to fit in with the deadline has for her showreel to be complete.


On the day of filming, make up artist Jen Eachus was able to apply make up to her models, Hannah Doyle and Orlagh Rose, in the photography studio as there is a make up workstation there.

I was assisted by Dave Speers, who was the main cameraperson, and Nozibele Manyana, who helped with lighting and studio preparation.

Due to there being no large white backdrop, we had to make due with a much smaller backdrop and improvise around it. We used a wind machine and various materials which would blow in the wind and react to the light the light - some oily purple chiffon, black velvet material and lots of translucent white plastic sheeting.

Due to filming at such a high frame rate, we needed a lot of light so used two redheads to illuminate the backdrop and three dedolights to illuminate the models.

I chose a dramatic, atmospheric piece of music to accompany the video. 'Du Fehlst Mir' by Thomas Fehlmann is free to use on YouTube, although the track is monetised so videos that use it may contain adverts. I let the music help guide the edit.

Much of the film is played backwards as the flow of material looks more interesting and unusual this way. I also used mirrored layers of film - some in sync but some slightly out to create an interesting effect.

Film credits:

Models: Hannah Doyle, Orlagh Rose (both from Maverick Models)
Hair and Make Up: Jen Eachus
Music: 'Du Fehlst Mir' by Thomas Fehlmann (© Kompakt)
Technical Assistance: Peter Waiting
Lighting: Brin Coleman, Nozibele Manyana, Dave Speers
Camera: Dave Speers, Brin Coleman
Editor: Brin Coleman
Directors: Brin Coleman, Jen Eachus

Video Script

Words Pictures Soundtrack
Jen Eachus logo Background music: Du Fehlst Mir by Thomas Fehlmann.
Medium close ups of Orlagh with white material.
Medium close up of Hannah with coloured material.
Similar shots mirrored horizontally.
Wider shot of Orlagh with coloured material. Disguise edges of small backdrop.
Close up of Hannah with white material on face.
Medium shot of both models behind coloured material. Fades.
Jen Eachus logo.
Credits. Fade to black. Music ends.

Video Description and tags

Jen Eachus showreel

A film made for the showreel of Makeup Artist Jen Eachus.
More info:

Models: Hannah Doyle, Orlagh Rose - both from Maverick Models
Make up and Design: Jen Eachus
Technical Assistance: Peter Waiting
Lighting: Brin Coleman, Nozibele Manyana
Camera: Dave Speers
Editor: Brin Coleman
Directors: Jen Eachus, Brin Coleman

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