Professional PracticeSWOT Analysis

This SWOT Analysis exists to analyse my situation and help find what I can do to progress further and strengthen the quality of my work.


• I learn quickly.

• I am enthusiastic and work hard. When I do something, I try to do it the best I can.

• My positive attitude means I will try something even if I don't know I can do it.

• I have my own filming kit which means I am more flexible. I don't have to rely on college kit being available. This also means I know this kit better.

• There is a range of kit available to use from the college, as well as studios.

• We have professionals on hand to guide us when we are unsure.

• I have the confidence to work alone.


• I have a limited amount of time I can spend on each promo film.

• I am only available certain days which limits when I can film projects.

• My knowledge of the FS7 camera is limited but I would like to learn more.

• My camera work needs to improve, hence taking every opportunity to film.

• As students have full lives outside college, theu may have to pull out of projects at short notice.

• I struggle working with people for great lengths of time.


• The Fielden HE Collaboration group has opened new opportnities for collaboration with Hair & Make-Up students and photographers.

• Our class has a group of people with skills to help me complete filming projects.

• I have friends and aquaintances who need promo films for their businesses.


• In many regards, this can be a young persons' game and I am no longer that young!

• I am out of touch with much of current pop culture.

• There is a limited time to complete each commission.