Professional PracticeArbee - Wintercomp - music promo

Brief: Create a music promo to promote the new abstract ambient album by Arbee


Arbee is Quebec-based musician Mathieu Lamontagne.

Polysémie is his new album of abstract ambient music.

I have been aware of Mathieu's music for some years. His experimental style means his music is always pushing boundaries. I am a fan and have played his music many times on my music podcast Mostly Ambient.

The cover of Polysémie by Arbee
The cover of Polysémie by Arbee
Art by Jenny Sundby

I offered to create a promo for the new Arbee album as I saw it as an interesting challenge to create something abstract and engaging that also fits the music it is created to promote.

Mathieu was already aware of my video work and with very little video for the music he has produced in the past, accepted my offer straight away.

My plan was to make a music promo that fit the abstract sound of the track but emulated the cover art created by Jenny Sundby. The cover art features objects reflected in water but the image is tilted 90°, so the viewer may not initially realise what they are looking at. I decided to use the them of reflection but extend it to include objects seen from unusual viewpoints such as shadows and through trees or glass. The film would also be black and white, like the cover art.


I experimented with filming in Boise. I wanted to show reflections and unusual ways of viewing objects and movement. However, the next day, the snow came down and covered everything. That and the extreme cold (-6°C) meant I could not film my original idea. I filmed in the snow in the daytime but was not happy with the result. I decided to film at night showing movement on land, in the air and underwater. While this is a change of direction, it still fits with the music.

I filmed timelapse and slow motion shots around the streets of Boise at night time from the passenger seat of my wife’s car, with the camera positioned in front of me on the tripod to keep it as steady as possible. I shot at 2fps with exposures between 1/4 and 1/3.2 seconds for the slow motion to get smooth fluid motion and at 96fps for the timelapse.

Once back in Manchester, I filmed a multicoloured disco light shining on my ceiling at 96 fps. This would become the underwater part of the film. A very short shot of Boise’s many geese was slowed down 10 times so the motion looked animated.

I made the whole film black and white, in keeping with the album artwork and used the same font and style for the titles and credit sequences.

Video Script

Words Pictures Soundtrack
Fades in from black. Minimal underwater movement. Music: Arbee - Wintercomp
Title appears over underwater scene in time music tempo (not apparent yet)
Underwater scene becomes busier with the music.
Three animated-looking flocks of geese fade in slowly, one at a time until all three are visible
Slomo night drive fades in
Flashes of faster motion on bass and beats over slomo night drive.
Timelapse night drive with flashes continuing on bass and beats
Fade slowly into minimal underwater scene and slomo night drive. Flashes continue only where bass is present.
Slowly fades into busy underwater scene which becomes less busy and music fades away
Credits over end of underwater scene. Music fades.
Fade to black.

Video Description and Tags

Arbee- Wintercomp

Music promo for 'Wintercomp' by Arbee from the album 'Polysémie' available from
Also available on cassette from

I've been a fan of the wonderful music of Mathieu Lamontagne, the man behind Arbee, for some years now.

He is prolific and forever pushing the boundaries. His music is experimental, ambient abstract but always sounding fresh.

So I am a happy man to get the chance to create a music promo for one of his tracks.

The video was filmed in Boise, Idaho and Manchester, UK during January 2018.

Sounds by Mathieu Lamontagne.
Mastered by Adam Badi Donoval.
Album Art by Jenny Sundby.
Video filmed and edited by Brin Coleman for Moon & Bacon productions.
Production Assistant: Alex Brinkley Coleman.

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Tags: atmospheric, music, chillout, ambient, electronic, IDM