Professional PracticeThe Playhouse Project

Brief: Film and edit a promo for a 'Family Rave' company


The Playground Project was set up by former TMC student Carley Ashcroft. They put on family raves – parties for people of all ages (including babies and toddlers) with big name DJs and other entertainers. These events have been put on at festivals and events around the North West of England.

The Playground Project is a new company that needs more of a public profile and more customers. They are about to launch their website. With this in mind, they need a promotional film that extols the unique selling points of the business to potential customers - festival promoters and the public at large.

The shoot will be untaken by myself as a one-man crew. I want to capture the unique atmospheric of one of these events, showing the excitement and party atmosphere that is unique as it includes people of all ages.


Filming at The Playhouse Project
Filming The Playground Project
at Camp & Furnace in Liverpool.

I filmed an event with The Playground Project at Camp & Furnace in Liverpool in November 2017. I attempted to capture the atmosphere of the event, the music and the pure joy in the people who were attending. I filmed some footage in slow motion.

I discussed with Carley Ashcroft what music to use in the video. We decided upon ‘Afro Left’ by Leftfield which is licensed to be used on YouTube videos.

I edited the music in Adobe Audition to fit the film and let the music guide the edit.

I added a layer of film of their bubble machine in action over the logo which animated the graphic section of the logo to some extent.

Video Script

Words Pictures Soundtrack
Animated The Playhouse Project logo. Background music: ‘Afro Left’ by Leftfield.
Several short shots of dancing and fun.
Shots of DJs DJing. Caption: Top Djs.
Caption: The best house, funk and disco.
Short shots of dancing and fun.
Caption: A unique daytime clubbing experience for parents and children.
Caption: Family parties and events across the North West and beyond.
Caption: For ravers of all ages.
Cuts to logo with contact info. Music ends.

Video Description and Tags

The Plahouse Project

The Playhouse Project put on parties and events for all the family.
There are top DJs playing music for ravers of all ages.
More info:

Producer/director: Brin Coleman

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Tags: music, family, disco, events, party, rave