Negotiated Specialist ProjectStatement of Intent

The Role of Freelance Filmmaker in the Real World

For this assignment, I will be working as a freelance filmmaker, essentially taking on the roles of producer and director of an independent production company.

Once I complete this assignment, I plan to apply the skills, knowledge and experience I have gained over the last four years and work as a freelance filmmaker. Everything I do in this assignment will serve as a foundation I can build on after university.

As part of this assignment, I have been commissioned to work on three projects: a music promo, a fund-raising commercial for a community radio station and a commercial for a coffee shop.

Filming cascading coffee beans in the studio
Filming cascading coffee beans in the studio

The assignment is split in to three sections:

In the Presentation, I will pitch the work I have been commisioned to do and how I will development and produce these films. I will explain my role as a producer/director and how I plan to use this assignment as a starting point for a career in freelance filmmaking.

In the Development Folder I will explain how I took these initial ideas and developed them in to a finished product that can be delivered to the commissioning client.

In Production Outcomes I will display the finished films along with thumbnails, descriptions and tags used to post these films online at Vimeo and YouTube.