Professional PracticeMentor

Bob Beville is a family friend who has worked in commercial television for 37 years. He is currently Director of Sales at Waterman Broadcasting, based in Fort Myers, Florida.

I asked Bob for advice about working as a freelance producer and dealing with clients and their needs.

He provided some valuable insights from his years of commercial television experience, including the following...

One Commercial has a Broad Reach

We like to refer to this as an economical advantage television has over other forms of advertising.

Combines Sight, Sound, Motion, and Emotion

Television is the only form of media that not only provides the visual and audio dynamics, but combine that with movement and the emotional elements, and what you have is high impact and most importantly…. High recall. Neither newspaper or radio can make that claim.

Product Demonstration, Image and Perception

Television demonstrates how a service, or product can work. It projects an image that is hard to repeat in a flat medium such as print. Hearing what your company is looking for cannot be done through newspaper. Seeing the vital information for your company on the screen of your television is something that radio cannot do. People perceive companies who advertise on television as successful and at the top of their industry. Anyone can advertise in the newspaper…. large and successful companies are on television!

Target Your Prospects

Broadcast television provides face to face communication with your prospect. Even though television is referred to as the 'mass medium; it has the capability of targeting programming where viewers tend to be upscale (such as news programming, major sporting events and the quality network prime programming.