Professional PracticeStatement of Intent

The Role of Producer/Director in Creating Promotional Video Content for External Clients.

For this assignment, I will taking on the role of a freelance producer/director, leading a small crew who will produce promotional content for external clients. I will showcase my skills as a freelance producer/director, while at the same time creating promotional content that my clients are happy with. This also gives me a chance to be creative in the kind of content I am producing, creating interesting and entertaining content that fits each brief and serves the needs of each client.

In order to do this, I will search for clients who I can work with and who need these services. I will liaise with these clients to discuss what they need from such promotional content. I will put together a crew for each film and arrange a filming schedule that suits the clients. I will carry out risk assessments and provide appropriate paperwork for the client and the crew, making sure to get release forms for all characters featured in each film.

Each film will be edited with input from the client to ensure they are having their needs met.

There will be a range of promotional films produced. These will be posted online for the clients to promote their work to a wider audience.

Skills needed for the role of producer/director

This role requires a range of organisational and creative skills.

I will be responsible for researching the subject and creating a treatment, liaising with the client, putting together the crew and making sure we have all the equipment we need. I will have to ensure that equipment is used correctly and safely and that all guidelines and regulations are followed. I will be responsible for the paperwork that is needed to keep track of this. The style and scripting will also be my responsibility with input from each client (Halder, 2016).

Looking for clients

Facebook post looking for clients
Facebook post looking for clients.

In order to find commissions from clients, I first posted on my Facebook profile. I asked if anyone needed any promotional videos for their businesses, or knew of anyone in that situation. I included examples of my work in the post. I also posted a similar post in the Fielden HE Collaboration page on Facebook, knowing there were Hair & Make-Up students who needed showreels for their own assignments.

I got interest from potential clients very quickly and followed these leads. This meant that I worked on several projects over the course of this assignment and also got commissions for future work.