Negotiated Specialist ProjectPresentation

The following is a representation of the presentation given for this assignment at the Fielden campus of UCEN on 26th February 2018.

Negotiated Specialist Project - Brin Coleman

Good morning, I’m Brin Coleman.

For this assignment, I will be working as a freelance filmmaker, essentially taking on the roles of producer and director of an independent production company.

The role of freelance filmmaker in the real world

I will be making three quite different promotional films as part of this project in an effort to showcase my abilities in this area and build on the skills I have learned on this and previous courses.

I’ll be making a another music promo for musician Mathieu Lamontagne, I’ll be producing a documentary style promotional film for the wonderful community radio station ALL FM and the third film I will be making is an online advert for independent coffee shop and online retailer Second City Coffee.

Each of these films will be made to professional standards and I will be working in as close to real world situations as is possible while I am still a student.

What I hope to achieve

So, why am I doing this?

At the end of this term, once I graduate, I plan to use the skills I have gained during my time here to actually work as a freelance filmmaker, producing films for clients, as well as working on productions for others.

I see this project as a chance to gain as much real world experience before I graduate. By the end of this assignment, I will have a registered production company, a growing portfolio of films to showcase my work and the skills to make working as a freelance filmmaker a reality.

After graduation, while finding work as a cameraman, sound recordist or editor could be distinct possibility around the media hub that is Manchester and Salford, my life is taking me to rural America where those chance are much more remote. In Idaho, my future home, being a freelance filmmaker is a much more realistic approach.

I am passionate about what I do. I am a perfectionist and will always try to improve on my previous work. No matter which client I am working with, I will always try to make the best film I can, showcasing the product, event or organisation I am producing a film for, creating something entertaining, original and informative.

How I will achieve this

Working as a freelance filmmaker will involve utilising many organisational and creative skills.This role will involve the skills of both a producer and director.

I will liaise with clients and turn their initial brief into an interesting and successful film. I’ll be responsible for putting together a crew, locations and equipment.
I will be responsible for insurance, health and safety and the finances involved in each film.
Essentially, as a producer, the buck stop here. I need to be organised, know exactly how to make each film, and be able to communicate that with everyone involved.

As a director, I will also be in charge of all creative aspects of the film.
I will need to use the technical skills I have gained with an artistic approach. Every creative detail of each film will be my responsibility.
I will write treatments, scripts, shot lists and be in charge of how the film is edited.
I will need a distinct creative vision for each film.

What have I done so far to achieve this?

Over the past few years, I have developed my skills as a filmmaker, to the point where I feel confident enough to find work from clients, develop their brief into a treatment that I can then make into a stylish and engaging film that will serve the needs of the client but also add to my portfolio and reputation as a freelance filmmaker. In this regard, I have practised different aspects of filmmaking as much as possible and shared these efforts on Vimeo and social media. This has vastly improved my skills but has also led to me getting the work I am creating for this assignment.

To be a successful freelance filmmaker, I need to build on that online presence and make it more cohesive and professional.

In that regard, I have recently updated my own website - (Coleman, 2018a) - to be a place that shows off my skills and highlights my work while also making it easy for potential clients to contact me.

The website of my production company, Moon & Bacon, will also get a similar upgrade in the coming weeks.

What have I done so far to achieve this?

Moon & Bacon is currently under the process of becoming a registered company. I will be a sole trader, trading under that name.

I have taken additional courses that have added to my skills and will continue to do so. I have obtained public liability insurance through creative media union BECTU which means I am covered should any accidents occur during filming. There are many other resources available through BECTU that I will utilise. This includes lots of help, advice and support for freelancers. In May, I will attend the Creative Industries Safety Passport at BECTU in London which will increase my knowledge of health and safety in the workplace and mean I will be able to be employed in larger production companies in the future.

The films I am producing ALL FM Arbee Second City Coffee

As I mentioned earlier, I am making three films for this assignment.

The Essence of ALL FM

ALL FM is a fantastic community radio station based in South Manchester which has gone through a number of changes recently – becoming a charity and moving to a new location (ALL FM, 2018).

They have commissioned a filmed called The Essence of ALL FM, after seeing my work online.

They want a film that showcases the work ALL FM does – not just a wide range of shows catering to the whole diverse community in South and East Manchester, but the training and outreach work ALL FM does. The station also broadcasts several shows unique to ALL FM, including shows in Chinese and Polish (ALL FM, 2018). I want this film to show what is unique about ALL FM while trying not to look like a piece made for The One Show - it should capture the style, and community atmosphere of the station.

Mathieu Lamontagne Music Promo

I will produce a second music promo for Quebec-based musician Mathieu Lamontagne, who works under the name Arbee (Arbee, 2018).

After the success of the previous more experimental film, I suggested we do a second film that would be quite different.

The piece of music I will be making a promo for this time is quite emotive. I have therefore chosen a different style. I want to see real emotion and connect with people on screen. To do this, I will take a camera onto the streets of Manchester, stopping a selection of people and asking them questions designed to get an emotional response. I will ask film each person’s reactions in close up and in slow motion, so that the viewer will really see their emotions. This will suit the music and be a powerful film.

Here is a brief clip showing this treatment.

The completed film will be used to promote Mathieu’s music to a wider audience.

Second City Coffee

Second City Coffee is a mobile coffee shop and online coffee supplier (Second City Coffee, 2018). Dex Morris, the owner, contacted me after I posted on Facebook looking for clients. He had also seen some of my previous work.

The advert will focus on the online retail side and their new cafe which is about to open in Warrington.

Coffee is essentially a luxury item that many people just cannot live without. It is something that people are passionate about. I therefore want to make a very stylised film with lots of close up, slow motion shots of the coffee being made.

Here is a short film to show the style of the advert I will be making.

The finished advert will be used to promote the brand online and will feature music and a voice over, in an effort to capture the passion that coffee inspires.

Negotiated Specialist Project - Summary

In summary, for this assignment I will be working as a freelance filmmaker. I will be making three quite different promotional films for external clients - a documentary style promotional film for community radio station ALL FM, a music promo for musician Mathieu Lamontagne and an online advert for independent coffee shop Second City Coffee.

I’ll be responsible for every aspect - organisational and creative - for each of those films.

I’ll be working in as near to real world conditions as possible, using this assignment as a springboard to actually becoming a freelance filmmaker after I graduate in May.

All of these films and development work, as well as the work created for the rest of this college year will be available on my website -

Thank you for your attention.
Do you have any questions?