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arbee - m'agace

Title: arbee - m'agace

Description: Video for m'agace by arbee from the album un, certaine assurance, available from

In small towns and cities, people say hello to one another and more readily share their lives.
In big cities, we are surrounded by people but completely separate from them.
In this video I wanted to show that disconnection but then connect with a selection of strangers on the street. Rather than cold, blank faces, I wanted to see real emotion.

Categories: Music, Music Videos, Cameras & Techniques

Tags: music, ambient, electronic, experimental, slow motion, faces, emotion, arbee

Musique: Mathieu Lamontagne -
Mastering: Emmanuel Toledo -

Video director: Brin Coleman for Moon & Bacon productions -
Video production assistant: Sigsbert Rutajunara

Client Feedback

Mathieu Lamontagne wrote:

The video is really nice, Brin. well done.

It is a great concept and it seems to be working greatly.

The balance between faces close shots and the blurry "walking-in-the-city" shots is pretty interesting and says a lot.

You can find out more about the development and production of this commercial HERE